Summer excursions to Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece and the birthplace of democracy. A city with great history and significant archaeological sites. A visit at Athens, will make you feel like you are travelling back in time.

Get ready to explore this magical city, by booking a one day trip Athens City Tour, organized by Trogadas Travel.

Tour Schedule

Pick up from Pefki
Pick up from Neos Pirgos.
Pick up from Edipsos.
Arrival at Prokopi. Optional visit to Saint Ioannis Rossos Church.
30 min
Stop for a break and some coffee.
Arrival in Chalkida the Capital of Evia.
15 min
Stop for site seeing and a short tour at Chalkidas old bridge.
Arrival in Athens City center.
1 hour
Athens city center panorama bus tour with guide (English or Sebian)
1 hour
Optional visit to Acropolis of Athens or Acropolis Museum.
3 hours
Free time in the city center for lanch or sightseeing.
Gathering at Athens Parlament and departure.
Arrival at Arkitsa port.
Ferry to Edipsos
Drop off transfer to Pefki.
Keep in mind that the starting time and the schedule of the tour might change according to the weather conditions or the season of the year. Always advise the timetable as printed on your ticker or voucher and reconfirm your pick up time with our team.

Tour Details

Athens City Tour begins at 06:15 and the first pick up is from Pefki. The bus continues for our next pick ups to Istiaia, Pirgos and finally reaches Edipsos for the last pick up of our travellers.

Our first stop is Prokopi Village, where we will have time for some rest, a short breakfast and coffee. In Prokopi, you could visit the known church of Saint (Agios) Ioannis Rossos.

Our next stop is Chalkida city, the capital of Evia. We will visit the old bridge of the city and watch the famous “Evripos Tide Phenomenon” and perhaps the change of the water’s direction which takes place approximately every 6 hours.

We continue our trip to Athens and around noon, we are reaching the city center for a short bus tour which lasts an hour. Our first visit will be at the Panathenaic Stadium (Kallimarmaro) for some photos and then, a tour follows at the Acropolis of Athens with our guide. Alternatively you could visit the Acropolis Museum, a unique archeological museum with amazing view to Acropolis rock.

After the tour, you will have 3 hours of free time in the historical city center. During this time you could visit Plaka - the oldest neighborhood of Athens, Thiseio, Monastiraki and Ermou Street for shopping.

We will meet again around 17:00 at Athens Parliament (Syntagma Square) where you could photograph the guardians of the site known as “Tsolias” (or Tsoliades – plural).

We then depart for North Evia through the highway. We are reaching the port of Arkitsa approximately at 19:30 and take the ferry to Edipsos. We will then reach Pirgos, Istiaia and Pefki for our drop offs. This was the end of a beautiful day and our Athens City Tour.

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